In Italian fashion, bridal styles change from year to year and we’re always looking for new inspirations, even if they’re sometimes extravagant. But, let’s face it: we are a land full of traditions to which are difficult to give up.

One of the most longstanding traditions, considered extremely lucky, is that of making the brides wear accessories being used by mothers during their weddings.

The ladies of Scenari Sposa came up with the idea to choose a dress that will match a mother’s veil, gloves or even the family’s jewels. But this is easier said than done. First of all, vintage veils, while wonderful keepsake, tend to yellow with age. And, even if it is kept pristine, it’s not always a given that the style of yesteryear will be able to mix well with modern dresses.

Of course finding an agreement between the bride the mother and the planners of Scenari Sposa is often hard to do. Says the Scenari Sposa staff member: “I suggest this but I never want to impose this idea. No bride should be forced to wear a vintage accessory only for tradition. The wedding day is supposed to be the best day ever for her. Yes, she is going to share her joy with her family and loved ones but remaining true to herself is very important. A badly-matched veil matched, tight gloves that don’t fit anymore, a bracelet that is too big and unclasps…these can can be some of the many reasons of discomfort when a woman is a bride…and no one likes an uncomfortable and irritated bride!”

Scenari Sposa reminds women that, at the end of the day, you want everything to look like it fits and matches. An accessory, after all, is about completing an outfit, not being the main feature. SO, dear brides and dear, doting moms: let’s start from dress and the big decisions, so that the smaller details develop naturally through a process, and based on a style that’s already amply defined. You will find that, in this way, everything becomes much simpler the accessories are prone to be less showy. This makes all the difference. If the mother of the bride can lend you a small but charming necklace or a quick addition to the veil of a few jewels, this makes everything easy to match while still incorporating tradition.

Scenari Sposa

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