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Macarons: un dolce trend per le vostre nozze

Macarons: A Sweet Wedding Trend
A Brief (And Sweet) History of the Macaron

Despite being considered a French creation, the origin of macarons is much debated.

Whether it was conceived in 1533 with Catherine de Medici, or in a convent in Cormery in 1791, the macaron is well known as a decadent symbol of 20th century. The Paris macaron was created by Pierre Desfontaines of Ladurée pastry, and consists of two discs of meringue and almond meal that sandwich a middle layer filled with a layer of buttercream, jam or ganache. Introduced to the world by the French, macarons are now an elegant, two-bite delicacy that graces most cities like Dubai, Milan and New York. Ladurée’s macarons are so well known, they’ve made special appearances on television series like Gossip Girl and have designed a special Chiara Ferragni collection.


Ladurée per Chiara Ferragni

Ladurée per Chiara Ferragni



Sweetest Wedding Table.


Recently, these tasty French treats have become great gourmet wedding reception trends, not only for the wide range of tastes but also because of their beautiful hues and flavors. For many couples who choose macarons, they work not only because they are so decadent but because you can “decorate” or stylize the table with them, thanks to their vibrant colors. Often, couples will use the colours of the macaron to match their wedding colors. Their petite round shape is easy to stack or line in creative ways as well. Amongst the most eye-catching of compositions is the pyramid stack and lining a jar full of macarons. Macarons bring more than a sweetness to your table: they bring harmony, playfulness and chic, too.

If you want to give a luxurious touch to your wedding, you can include a sweet table laden with colorful macarons to the tastes that best suit your preferences. This choice will surely be appreciated by your guests and will not pass by unnoticed.


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