The wedding is back in fashion.

If you think that marriage is ‘out of fashion’, think again. It’s official: the latest results from Stat confirm that weddings are on the rise and so are marriages. A study by the Italian National Statistics showed a strong increase from 2008 to 2015 with about 4,600 weddings more a year.

So has saying “yes” become easier? Have civil marriages helped to publicize eternal love? 2016 seems to confirm this positive trend: at least in Italy, people are getting married more and more.

Ma chi si sposa?

The dream of the orange blossom is not something out of reach: in particular, the number of women getting married for the first time is increasing, even among youth. Data confirms that many women view marriage as the “best day” of their lives, one of the most important in a woman’s life.

For Italians, this hits even closer to home: this summer, Melissa Satta married Kevin-Prince Boateng. Actresses Martina Stella and Gabrielle Pession also tied the knot. Not to be outdone, even athletes Flavia Pennetta and Tania Cagnotto also exchanged vows with the loves of their lives. For all, their wedding was a fairytale day.


Leila Hafzi Mandana dress

Leila Hafzi Mandana dress

… And how do you get married?

Even though everyone favors the civil ceremony, classic religious rites still retain their place in the wedding. These rituals have historical importance and still represents the intersection of ethical and aesthetic desires with the white dress, the flowers, the ceremony, and all those details that make “the day “absolutely unforgettable.

This is a day that requires attention, care and creativity, that remains forever in the memory of relatives and friends. Transforming the bride into a real princess depends on the look she chooses and Scenari Sposa offers a unique selection of wedding dresses in Milan.

So who says marriage is out of style? It’s quite the contrary: weddings are a day of celebration, a trend that’s coming back and the preparations are all the rage. Your wedding day is the day you’ve undoubtedly dreamed about your whole life. And Scenari Sposa makes it unique.

Charlie Brear top and overskirt

Charlie Brear top and overskirt

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