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Once you’ve fixed the date of your wedding, the first thing on every couple’s mind is how to announce the special news to friends and family? Even though they’ve chosen the big date, things like venues and locations may still be in process and no decisions (or commitments) have been made. In this case, it’s the “save the date” card to the rescue.

This invitation is handy because it also serves as a reminder and is very traditional in event management. In the bridal industry, this trend is on fire because it’s so useful. With “save the date” cards, couples can start communicating to guests their intention to make that date their special day. That way, they’re not stressing that people won’t be able to attend but they can still keep the major details in process. Guests will understand that details are to follow. It’s also a nice way to keep the “mystery” alive just a little longer and keep your guests curious…

1000 Roads to One Goal

So how do couples choose to use these cards that are increasingly in vogue today?

First of all, “save the date” cards can be paper or digital. To make this decision, you’re going to have to imagine the theme and tone of your wedding. For example, if you know you’re going to keep things more formally styled and you want to have an air of prestige, the traditional route of paper cards can allow couples to be more fancy, using beautiful paper and print. They could even opt to turn it into a magnet, almost as if they’re telling their guests how essential marriage is to happiness. Yes, the options are endless and choosing just one style can get addictive.

The obvious advantage to the digital format, however, is not to be forgotten: couples can reach guests that otherwise may be too expensive to mail, via email. The options are also virtually endless with the digital format, in terms of design. Some couples take it one step further in the digital domain. They can choose to record a short video or invest in a small and fun animation which will evoke wonderful emotions in their guests – for a small budget!

Some couples choose to take a walk down memory lane and make the history of love a social event. They put together digital photos and animation sequences so their friends can revisit their story from beginning to present. Often, one part of a couple is a creative soul and wants to highlight their artistic talent. In this case, couples can choose interactive origami sequences for a “save the date” card or even opt for paper cards with do-it-yourself calligraphy.

Any of these work and are up to the couple’s individual tastes. I would, however, advise one thing: make sure that whatever you choose conveys a sense of authenticity. Your guests should receive your “save the date” card and instantly think of the both of you as a couple.


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