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Famous, defined as the color of love, red is a sign of passion and fervor and is often chosen as a main color for the wedding. Because it’s so vibrant and lush, it is not always easy to incorporate it with taste and restraint. Those who use it effectively, do so without making exaggerating it – after all, you don’t want it to feel like Christmas all over again. There are smart ways to bring in this very flamboyant color and its beautiful tones in a wedding. For example, it can be used in bridal party flower bouquets, in the reception’s installation, the various table arrangements or even asking guests to wear red or incorporate red accessories in their own outfits.


Red Roses and More…


One of the common uses and, perhaps, the easiest addition of red is through the choice of the bridal bouquet and wedding flowers. When in doubt, you can use roses, gerbera daisies or blooming amaryllis. For those who like to be bold, you can get creative and add a sprig of red pepper to the bouquet and centerpieces for an eye-catching and slightly jaunty wedding.


Details on the Table


For a refined and elegant setting, it is always advisable to choose a mise- en-place that is all white, with subtle silver hints. With such a netural tone, it’s definitely easier to bring in a whimsical touch of red through red crystal goblets, a menu written in red ink, red placeholders or cream envelopes with a red wax seal. With all these details, it will be easy to use red for your tables without overdoing it. That way, your cake can remain the true star of the reception.


Dress code: red


Another popular idea is using red as the dress code for guests. Specify on your wedding invitations, for example, that you would prefer your guests to choose a red outfit or wear at least one accessory that’s red, in keeping with the mood of the wedding. These details can be as simple as a man’s tie, a woman’s clutch bag, nail polish, socks for me or heels for women. When the dress code is red, the bride can surprise everyone with her choice of red detailing. Yes, she can use red in her bouquets but, if she really loves the color, she can choose to make her garter red or have red embroidery on her dress. Sensual, daring and playful. There are many ideas to make your wedding unique with the passionate touch of red.

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