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‘Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata’


“Wet bride, lucky bride,” or so goes the Italian saying. No matter the season, the weather is bound to change from day to day and could surprise you on your wedding day. It can be difficult to settle on the ideal date of the wedding. Spring and summer are crowd favorites and it is sad that autumn has his wives. And the chill in winter can certainly be warmed up with a wedding. However, there’s no planning a wedding in a downpour.


Every bride’s worst nightmare is unforetold rain the day of the ceremony that risks ruining her hair, her clothes, the festivities of a reception and her bridal party too.

But, armed with a Plan B, you can save your ceremony and your wedding. All you need is a little preparation and forethought.

In case of inclement weather, here are 3 useful tips


In case of inclement weather, here are 3 useful tips


1. Umbrellas. If the weather forecast is not on your side, keep those umbrellas ready and prepared. There should be enough not just for the bride and groom but for the bridal party and the guests. If it’s going to be used by all, you can even make it match your wedding decorations, incorporating it into the party quite seamlessly. Of course, you know it’s a necessity but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.


2. Shoes.

Pay attention to your choice of shoes: if you are in a season when the chances of rain are high, your strappy sandals, while beautiful, are not going to be much use in a flood situation. If you’re not willing to match your footwear to the wedding, consider this nightmare: the consequences of a slip and fall for a white dress…


3. Location. If your reception party includes an outdoor bar or you’ve always dreamed of cutting the cake by the pool, make sure that the location also has a covered area large enough to accommodate all guests. Also, take initiative to follow up and ensure these provisions are made. Do not ever think that things will get organized by themselves. Sometimes, all you have to do is alert the management of the location so that the staff is able to handle things on their end, moving the guests and cake quickly…sans panic!


With these preparations, party it up without worrying. Even on a rainy day, your wedding will be magical, leaving its mark in the hearts of your guests. After all, a flawless Plan B is a sign of an organization so even if you do become a wet bride, you’ll still be a lucky bride!


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